Cheapest Factory Hybrid Car Charger - 15KW@500V EV Charger Module REG50040G – Infypower

Product Introduction:
REG50040G is specially developed EV DC chargers. It has high efficiency, high power factor, high power density,
high reliability advantage. AC input is 3 phase 4 wire, DC output voltage range from 150 to 550VDC, 15KW output Power,
compliant with CE safety standard EN61851-1,EN61851-23 requirements,and EN61851-21-2 EMC standard, it is
an advanced international level charger module.
Unique function:
● High efficiency over the full load range ,full load efficiency greater than 95.5%
● Wide output voltage range,150-550VDC,suitable for a wide range of EVs
● Constant current for higher output power at low output voltage
● An internal patented intelligent discharge circuit automatically discharges residual charge, simplifying system designs
● Low standby power consumption, less than 10W
Main features:
● 3 phase without neutral eliminates the risk of high neutral currents
● 3 phase active power factor correction technology, reduces the harmonic interference to the grid
● Dual DSP design, achieve the full digital control, less components means high reliability
● Wide input voltage range, 260—530VAC, allows operation in most poor grid conditions
● Wide operating temperature range, -40℃–+75℃
● Hot pluggable
● CAN interface
● Charging stations for Low speed EV, Passenger electric car, Electric bus.