OEM China Home Charger - 15KW@750V Bidirectional AC2DC Converter BEG75025 – Infypower

BEG75025 is the bidirectional AC2DC converter, been used for connecting the battery to the AC grid, are specially designed for bidirectional applications in V2G, Retired Battery Utilization and Micro grid with multiple energy inputs. With the high frequency MOSFET/SiC switch technology, excellent performance, high power density, high expansion ability, high reliability and low cost is achieved

Unique function:
■ Bidirectional converter
■ Inside high frequency transformer isolation
■ Wide voltage range in source side,suitable for multiple battery packs
■ Smooth transition when power flow changing direction
Main feature:
■ Constant current keeps the larger power in source side
■ Max efficiency is higher than 96%
■ Low standby power consumption, less than 20w
■ Maximum 32 converters in parallel work
■ Plug & play
■ Duo CAN communication interface
■ EV charger with energy storage
■ V2G EV charger
■ Retired battery utilization
■ Smart grid with DC bus and energy storage

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