OEM Manufacturer 1000v EV charger - 20KW @1000V AC/DC Hybrid Converter HEG1K025 – Infypower

Product Introduction:
HEG1K025 is a hybrid converter compatible with AC and DC input, it can both be used for charging the
battery and charging other EVs from an EV battery or other DC sources. It has high efficiency, high power factor,
high power density, high reliability advantage. It is DC or 3 phase without neutral AC input, DC output voltage
range from 150 to 100VDC, 20kw Power, compliant with CE safety requirement, EMC standard , EN61000-6-1
and EN61000-6-3 CLASS A, it is an advanced international level charging power module.
Unique function:
● wide output voltage range,150V-1000VDC,suitable for all range of the EV
● constant current keeps the larger power output in low voltage
● A patent intelligent discharge circuit inside, automatically discharging the residual charge, simplify the system design.
● High efficiency in all load range, full load efficiency greater than 95%
● Low standby power consumption, less than 10w
Main features:
● Compliant with AC and DC input
● Constant output power from 1000V to 800V
● 3phase without neutral line, eliminate the large neutral current risk
● 3 phase active power factor correction technology, reduce the harmonic interference to the grid
● Dual DSP design, achieve the full digital control, less component means high reliability
● Wide input voltage range, 260v—530Vac, operates in most poor grid
● Wide operation temperature range, -40℃–+75℃
● Hot swappable, convenient for installation and escalation
● CAN interface
● Charging station for Passenger electrical car, electrical bus, electrical truck
● Mobility Charger , Solar Charger
● Tramways power to Charge