OEM/ODM China EV Quick Charger - EXP30K1-FDW Fast Wallbox DC Charger – Infypower

EXP30K1-FDW DC charger is specially designed for easy wall mounting or stand column installation applications for CCS /CHAdeMO
standard EV fast charging, small size and light weight,easy to install and move. Friendly user interface , easy operation. IP54
protection, sturdy and durable for outdoor application. Compatible with 500V and 750V ,easily increase the power from 15 to 30KW.

Main Features

CCS type1/ type2/ CHAdeMO support
OCCP 1.6 J support
Wall mounted , post installation installation
IP54,-30℃~50℃ ambient temperature full power charging
Full safety function with output contactor and fuse,EPO,SPD,RCD ,
leakage switch,insulation detector,software logic for muli protection
User friendly interface with 7″ TFT touch screen LCD
Multiple charging termination methods: Auto charge, Time setting,Fee setting,Energy
setting,SOC setting
Internal high precision AC energy meter or DC energy meter
LAN and optional LTE wireless support, RFID authorization and Mobile App payment support


Retail and commercial parking spaces
Highway rest areas

Output V-I curve/ single charger module